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AatC Summer Story Part 23
I followed Eleanor out of the pool. She walked briskly through the parking lot. I had to jog a little to catch up. I grabbed her arm when I caught up, stopping her in the middle of the lot.
"Eleanor," I said, "What's wrong?"
And there he was, holding onto my arm, looking kindly concerned. I wanted to puke. He was the very last person I wanted to talk to at the moment. Sophi had just crushed all trust I had in Theodore… and I really just wanted to go home and go to bed.
"It's nothing, Teddy," I muttered, shaking my head and trying to turn away, but his grip didn't loosen.
"Don't lie to me, Ellie," he said simply, frowning.
I paused for a long time, then replied, "I don't know who or what to believe anymore, Theodore. Did you lie to me to protect Alvin?"
He looked like this question took him totally by surprise. "What? El, why would I lie to you?"
"To protect Alvin," I repeated.
"El, don't be ridiculous," he said, chuckling somewhat nervously. "You don't ser
:iconbubblym:bubblyM 12 22
Prom Part 4- The Bad Guy?
I walked inside, and sat on the couch with a sigh, putting my face in my hands for a second before sitting back and turning on the TV.
Tsuki, my adoptive mother, walked in, Leah clinging to her leg and appearing to be whining about something. Tsuki was shaking her head and Leah was saying "Please" over and over and over.
Tsuki sighed and then said, "Go talk to your father about it."
Leah grinned and hugged her thighs before running clumsily away, yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"
She knew as well as I did that when Tsuki said to talk to Sully about something it was her way of giving in. I mustered a smile even though today sucked, and said, "What does she want now?"
"I'm not really sure. I wasn't totally listening. But whatever it is, Sully's about to let her have it," She replied, sitting down across from me and sighing. We were quiet for a minute, and I sighed heavily and frowned again. She looked over at me. "Rough day?"
I nodded, but didn't elaborate.
"What happened?"
I s
:iconbubblym:bubblyM 2 9
Prom Part 3- Unlucky
I paused for a second before reluctantly sliding into the passenger's seat in Gregory's car, hating myself for doing so. He was right though, of course… if I walked home in the rain I'd catch a cold and have to miss prom altogether and then my life would be over.
Upon sitting, I sighed heavily and started trying to wipe the mud off of my skirt, which, of course, just so happened to be my favorite. Gregory ignored me and cranked up "Dignity" by New Politics, driving fast like he does when he's frustrated. A tense and uncomfortable silence stretched between us.
It felt weird to be mad at Gregory. It felt really weird to be riding in his car and not saying a word to him. But wouldn't you do the same thing? Seriously, I need some validation here. After what happened today, wouldn't you act the same way?
I had always kind of expected to go to prom with Gregory. There really wasn't much question about it. We had been best friends since we were little kids. I spent most of my
:iconbubblym:bubblyM 0 10
Prom Part 2- You Look Silly
When I went out into the student parking lot, I sighed, a cloud collecting in front of my face, and pulled up my hood to sheild my already frizzy and messed up hair from the rain and humidity. It was pouring. The rain was pounding down, like ninja stars hitting the side of a fortress, but less awesome. I walked quickly to my car, trying not to get my notebooks wet. As I slid in the front seat, I couldn't help but think that the weather was almost as sucky as the day.
"Women," I mumbled grudgingly to myself as I pulled out.
I had taken Pamela to school that morning, so I suppose she didn't have a car, but she had given me the cold shoulder all day so I assumed she had organized some other form of transportation.
I drove down the road with my music a little too loud, driving a little recklessly. I really wanted to get home and do my homework and get to bed so this day could be over. i was a little distracted, but wouldn't you be too?
If you don't already know, I had asked Pam
:iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 20
Prom Part 1- I Won't
Gregory sat across from Pamela at the library table.
"Pam," he whispered.
"Gregory?" she replied, bent over a textbook.
"You're going to prom with me."
She paused and looked up at him, as if to see if he were serious. He was.
"I like how you say that like it's an imperative sentence," she remarked, trying hard to be demure, looking down again.
"That's because it is. Are you saying no?" She was quiet for a long time. Several minutes passed, and he added, "Pamela, say something. You're making me nervous."
She merely shrugged.
"Come ON, Pamela! You've been talking about us getting married since we were five."
She blushed. "I hardly think that's a valid point."
"It is."
"Maybe you missed the boat."
"I didn't. I hijacked the boat."
She rolled her eyes and shook her head.
He paused for a long time, then said,, "Are you going to give me an answer?"
She shrugged.
He frowned and crossed his arms. "Come on, Pam. I only have three weeks and I've decided I wanna go. I need a date."
She blushed and
:iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 7
Esperanza by bubblyM Esperanza :iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 3 Agua by bubblyM Agua :iconbubblym:bubblyM 2 5 TOTW: Clara, Jane, and Max by bubblyM TOTW: Clara, Jane, and Max :iconbubblym:bubblyM 2 9 TOTW- Levdon by bubblyM TOTW- Levdon :iconbubblym:bubblyM 2 0 Hartwell Johnson by bubblyM Hartwell Johnson :iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 2 Young Love by bubblyM Young Love :iconbubblym:bubblyM 5 8 TotW:Jake, Becky, Lee, + Mandy by bubblyM TotW:Jake, Becky, Lee, + Mandy :iconbubblym:bubblyM 7 8 Soulhoko baby by bubblyM Soulhoko baby :iconbubblym:bubblyM 5 15 The Monarchs .:UNF:. by bubblyM The Monarchs .:UNF:. :iconbubblym:bubblyM 3 10 Teenage Dream .:Summer:. by bubblyM Teenage Dream .:Summer:. :iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 5 Autumn by bubblyM Autumn :iconbubblym:bubblyM 1 3
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M/Amelia/That One Chick
United States
Name: BubblyM
Likes: Cartoons, Writing, Books, YOUR MOTHER, Original Characters, PHUN
Hobbies: DOING YOUR MOM and dressing up in pretty dresses and taking pictures with Storm Troopers.


Current Residence: the middle of nowhere
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite photographer: idk
Favourite style of art: good question. let me think on that one
MP3 player of choice: green ipod nano, the old one
Skin of choice: the one i'm in (I'M NOT RACIST, I'M JUST NOT ASHAMED!!)
Favourite cartoon character: Dexter.
Personal Quote: "You think youre fat? Have you LOOKED at me lately?"
Name: Morgin Loraine Lao
Nickname: Lizzie calls her Peanut Butter. Lizzie is Jelly, of course.
Age: 16
Gender: female
Parents: Spence and Echo. Super cuteness!
Siblings: Zeke and Hanna. She gets along with both of them, except when Hanna decides to have a spine.
Height: 5'6"
Approx. Weight: Around normal for her height. She's thin.
Body Type: Skinny, and her hips are slightly larger than her chest. She hates being flat-chested.
Hair color, style/length: Black, ruler straight, usually kept long with side-swept bangs, parted on the side.
Eye Color: Dark brown, and almond-shaped, like her daddy's
Face shape: Heart… ish?
Skin Tone: Average white people color. She can get a decent tan in the summer.
Race: Half-Asian-half-white
Clothes:  Morgin dresses very preppy, like Lizzie, but unlike Lizzie, her style is very clean-cut and simple. She likes simple shapes and the color aqua. She wears a lot of stripes. She likes fresh, simple, and neat clothing. She almost always wears flats because she thinks when she wears heels she looks like an Asian Amazon- and not in a good way.
Makeup:  Very little. Usually something quick and easy to put on. As long as her face is clean and her eyes look pretty, she's good.
Religious Views: Christian
Political Views: Democrat
Favorite Color: Aqua
"Type" (boy/girlfriend): Morgin very rarely has real feelings for boys. She tends to date them because she enjoys the attention. But she often falls for boys she can't have.
Friends / "Group"/ Clique: She is best friends with Mikah. She's also friends with Lee, Duncan, and DuShawn. And as I've already established, she's besties with Lizzie.
Enemies: She absolutely hates Lacie, and Lacie hates her. Nobody's really sure why, but everyone theorizes it's because Duncan likes Lacie and Morgin never misses a chance to screw things up between them. She also doesn't like Esperanza, because she thinks Noah is too good for her, and because Morgin is super competitive and can't stand that some people think Esperanza is prettier than her. She's a little jealous of Esperanza. She also doesn't get along well with Gwen, though they have their moments of rare friendship. She also isn't a fan of Cal.
Best Friend: Lizzie or Mikah
Worst Enemy:  Lacie
Strengths: Morgin is actually a pretty good person, deep down. She is protecting of those she is close to, and when she truly likes someone, she can be very sweet. She never fails to stand up for her friends. She also has a great sense of humor and can be very charming.
Weaknesses: Morgin is overcompetitive. Everything is a competition and everyone is an opponent to her. She is also an emotional roller coaster. Morgin is always either euphoric or miserable. She either hates people or loves them. When Morgin is happy, she's extremely happy. When she's sad, she's totally despondent. When she's angry, she's positively enraged. She also can tend to be a tad tunnel-visioned. She sees everything as black and white. There is no grey area for Morgin. This often makes it difficult for her to adapt to new situations.
Bad Habits: Being overcompetitive, having trouble coping with change
Sports: She's a cheerleader
Clubs, etc.: Beta Club
All relationships in chronological order: too hard, gah
Important Previous Relationships: She dated DuShawn for a short while. She also was with Duncan for some time. He doesn't have any feelings for her, but she's absolutely pining away after him. And despite popular rumor and suspicion, Morgin and Lee are not and never were a couple. They're really close friends and would never date each other. Neither of them have any romantic feelings for the other.
Favorite Music: Popular stuff.
Favorite Author: Her favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird"
Favorite TV Show: Pretty little Liars
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
PJs: Shorts and a t-shirt
Normal Breakfast: nothing
Normal Lunch: Whatever she wants to eat. She can eat like a pig and not gain any weight.
Normal Dinner: " "
Band or Chorus? Neither
Coke or Pepsi? Fanta
Morning person or Night Owl? Night owl. She's DEFINITELY not a morning person.
Pessimist or Optimist? It changes, but deep down she's an optimist.
Jacob or Edward? Edward. Nobody approves. Especially not Hanna.
Favorite subject in school? Math. She inherited her mother's brains.
Apple Juice or Orange Juice? Orange
Other: She's not a hunter or a werewolf. She's a regular human being, since technically Spencer has the genes for it.
  • Listening to: "Gloria" by Laura Branigan


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